After Coolers

We are the leading manufacture of high quality Coolers to our clien tèle. The coolers provide two necessary functions that provide the conditioning of compressed air. Firstly it reduces the temperature of the air to a safe operating range while secondly, removing the moisture condensed during the cooling process.

Air Cooled After Coolers : Dryers are sized according to the flow, pressure, temperature and dew point required of the compressed air. If these conditions are changed, the resulting efficiency of the dryer can be drastically affected. The temperature of the compressed air leaving a compressor varies from 65 °C to 200 °C, depending on the type of compressor, it is essential that an After Cooler be installed upstream of most dryers because it will lower the temperature to required level and will remove 50 to 75% of water vapour contained in the air. After coolers are available in either air or water cooled units.

Product Features

→ Work pressure - 16 bar
→ Heat exchanger is fully enclosed.
→ Compact Size.
→ Low power consumption
→ Easy for installation
→ Corrosion resistance painting
→ High Efficiency copper tubes.

After Coolers


The detailed description of our product line is given below: