Industrial Air Dryer

Air contains contaminants like solid (dust particles), liquid (moisture) and oil which contaminate the compressed air. When this contaminated compressed air is used for various applications, it may cause failures of pneumatic valves, instruments, etc which results in the downtime of whole system.

Win Refrigerated Air Dryers remove the moisture to a level of 600 ppm (w) by using energy efficient refrigeration system and effective heat exchangers. The wet air enters into the economizer (pre cooler) of the refrigerated air dryer and the temperature gets reduced significantly by the outgoing cold air. This medium temperature air further enters in to the evaporator of the refrigerated air dryer and the temperature drops to 2oC by the cold refrigerant. At this temperature the moisture in the vapour form condenses into liquid and the same is separated by high efficient integral moisture separator and automatic drain trap. All the three components (i.e. pre cooler, evaporator and moisture separator) are integrated into one single unit.

Product Features

→ Low Pressure Drop,
→ Lowest Operating Cost,
→ Maintenance free,
→ Compact Design,
→ Power Saving,
→ Constant Dewpoint @ Varying Load Condition,
→ ECO Friendly Refrigerent,

Operating Range:

Capacity : 10 - 2000 cfm
Inlet Air Pressure : 3 - 16 Bar g
Inlet Air Temperature : 10 – 60 Deg C
Outlet Water Temperature : +3 Deg C

Industrial Air Dryer


The detailed description of our product line is given below: