Industrial Cooling Tower Spares

Automatic Drain Valves are at the air system without losing excessive compressed air without shutting down the crucial part of the compressed air system. Condensate drain valves remove condensate.

The entrainment condensate along with airflow in compressed air system to end use application are extremely harmful, if system not drained regularly. Even the smallest compressed air system can produce large quantities of condensate whicj contains oil & water, Removing condensate from any compressed air system is very much important. An Automatic drain valve is the right solution to elimate this effect. Win offers wide range of Automatic condensate drain.

Types of Drain Valves

→ Medium Discharge,
→ High Discharge,
→ Micro Mini Controller,
→ No Air Loss Air,
→ Mechanical Float,

Operating Range:

Working Pressure Range : 3 bar – 70 bar
Max. Condensate Temperature : : 90 Deg C
Adjustable Timing : : 1 mins - 120 min
Drain Opening Timing : : 0.5 sec – 10 sec

Cooling Tower Spares


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